Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Keep your comments non threatening, and on topic. If you feel Marijuana should remain illegal in most States, explain why? Likewise, if you feel it should be Legal discuss ways it would be safe to consume, without forcing Marijuana on those who do not wish to consume.

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  1. I am also for legalization in all states. More problems are being cause then solved by keeping it illegal and arresting people over something so harmless. Alcohol is more dangerous but it is legal. There are prescription drugs for sale all over that have side effects worse then the thing they are treating. I have seen a video of a teenage girl saying , I care about you all and dont want you to smoke marijuana because it is bad for you and makes you stupid. There are lots of things people do that is bad for them (eat fatty foods, drink alcohol, smoke, take perscription drugs, etc.) but its THERE CHOICE to these things to themselves.


Tell us your opinion: Are you For or Against
The Legalization of Marijuana in all of the US States?